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102 Street Photography Tips


102 Things I Have Learned About Street Photography:


It now has been around 5 years that I have been shooting street photography- and I have learned an incredible amount through trial and failure. I made this recent list of things I have learned while shooting street photography– and some of my personal opinions. Hopefully you can find some of these tips helpful.


It’s a great list, and below are a few of my favorite items from the 102 presented:

1. A photograph is like a sentence. Aim to write a book.

14. Style isn’t something aesthetic

18. Shooting film is magical

32. Look at other forms of art for inspiration

40. Don’t think too much while taking photographs. Avoid “paralysis by analys

46. You will take the best photographs in the least-likely places

47. Always carry your camera with you everywhere you go. Everywhere

58. When in doubt, click

69. Shoot to please yourself, not others

81. Simplify your photographs. Less is more.

What other tips/things to keep in mind would you add? Share them in the comments!


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  1. Ac_bailey98 · February 28, 2012

    I love this. ESPECIALLY #40. It’s exactly how I feel…….no thinking just feeling. 

    • jffcrmr · February 28, 2012

      Agreed. Trying to hard is never a wise idea. Thank you for the input!