Chuck E. Cheese voice gets fired, hopes rat helped kids experience Jesus


Duncan Brannan, the voice behind Chuck E. Cheese’s giant star rat character since 1993 and “forever” “Child of God through Christ Jesus” has been fired by the company according to The Dallas Observer.

Brannan learned of his axing in a less than professional way, but it’s not all that surprising when one considers he was employed by a business that thinks a plastic pencil case requiring 7,000 tickets is a suitable reward for ridiculous skee-ball skill.

The now ex-rodent claims no one from CEC Entertainment, Inc., the corporation responsible for bringing Chuck E. Cheese’s Pizza Time Theatre to the masses, formally informed him he had been let go from his job after nearly 20 years.

Realizing another performer’s voice was featured in an upcoming promotional jingle (“Chuck’s Hot New Single”), Brannan called the company himself and was told he had been replaced.

His “one true real job,” he explained in a lengthy goodbye letter to the fans that surely, somewhere, must exist, is bringing people closer to God.


“…my sincere hope is that you — you Fans, you parents, and all you kids who have loved Chuck E. Cheese over the years — have seen, heard, or experienced Jesus Christ in and through my life in some way. For He is all that matters, now and for all eternity. I hope that you have seen Christ in me. I hope that He touched your life through mine in some special way and, if that happened, then I was doing my one true real job, which is sharing Him with all of you.”


Here’s hoping that a similar fate doesn’t find Brannan in that job too.



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