Effective Ways to Generate Sales Leads Online


Locating new customers in today’s market is essential for any business, big or small. Many companies understand that the digital world offers significant pathways to generating new sales leads in a variety of effective ways. Here are a few tips to maximize the success business and profit levels:

The Contact Page – A quick and easy way to generate new sales leads is to swap your email and phone number located on the company’s website “Contact Us” page with an interactive form. The form should have fields for potential customer input designed to eliminate one step of attempting to garner information. Include a field where the visitor can submit detailed information to your company including their name and email address while they search for specific answers. Every online form can be tracked, which will quickly build a solid database of sales leads with potential customers.

A Newsletter – Your company can stay in touch with its potential and existing customers through the newsletter. By using the newsletter as a promotional tool, it can be offered to potential customers as a quick and effective way to generate new sales leads. Be sure to deliver and online newsletter at regular intervals so that the information is always current, informative and keeping up with the times.

Referral Incentives – Consider offering your existing customer base a referral incentive for driving new traffic to your website. By providing premium customer service, you can include a referral program into the company’s business model. Potential customers that have been referred by existing ones will develop a stronger loyal customer base.

Ad Swapping – Consider participating in ad swapping. An effective campaign can easily double or triple your current online target audience for free. Many small and medium-size businesses use ad swapping on their website, blog or newsletter as an effective promotional tool. A typical ad swap involves trading ad space on your company’s newsletter, website or blog for space on another business’ site. Generally, competing companies should be avoided, although placing ads on sites that are within your business industry seem to show the best results.

Interactive Live Chat – A simple way to incorporate interactive elements onto your blog or website is to add live chat software. Many sites offer a live chat solution to its visitors, potential customers and readers as a way to make instant contact. Interactive connectivity can grab information and details about the visitor who might otherwise just click off the site before establishing any connection.

An Online Webinar – Consider hosting an online webinar as a way to attract dozens, scores or even hundreds of potential customers from a single event. By offering an online presentation about a specific or general topic concerning your industry, your company can inform the visitors about solutions focused on the services and products business provides.

An Online Blog – In the last decade, small to large businesses have found the magic produced by an effective online blog. A quality, well written weblog can quickly develop a sense of community centered on your business. Offering an informal setting to your blog visitors, readers, and potential/existing customers, can drive significantly more traffic to your company’s official website. Blogging offers a place for daily contact that might include promotions, coupons, discounts or additional information on the products and services your company offers.

Social Media – By definition, a blog is one form of social media. However, with the expansion of numerous network-based social media sites, there are certainly a lot more avenues a business can choose to involve the company in social interactive sites. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and scores of other social media sites offer platforms for the business to keep their customer base and potential customers engaged. Social media is the ideal tool for B2C (business to customer) and B2B (business-to-business) in a direct systematic way.

Where to Start

The best place to start is by doing anything that will promote your brand. Your company can quickly design a blog online. Select a quality blogging platform and choose professional-style WordPress themes with tracking plug-ins and a quality integrated dashboard. Only post quality blogging content to the site that is focused on your company industry or anything related to the products and services your business provides.

Expand your brand by connecting to social media. Use the power of the medium to excite your potential customers. Include links to your blog and company website. Most importantly stay active by involving your customers with proven marketing strategies. The more interactivity and connectivity you perform online, the greater chance you have of generating a large supply of quality sales leads.

You will quickly understand that generating sales leads by using online tools opens potentially endless opportunities to generate revenue from new customers. By using the variety of strategies and techniques along with a minimal amount of technology, companies can drive significantly more traffic to their websites, increasing interest, sales and hopefully more profits.


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