Why Humans Vomit


Why People Vomit:


“Vomiting is an important function. It rids your body of potential toxins or health hazards. In fact, there’s a specific area of your brain that gives your stomach its marching orders.

The urge to purge is a multi-step process: the chemoreceptor trigger center is connected directly to the vomiting center in the brain, and is the first to know when something’s amiss. Depending on what’s causing the unrest, our digestion slows down. If the cause of our distress is something toxic, like potential botulism, the upper portion of the stomach will start convulsing, while its lower exit snaps shut. There’s no way out but up, and it’s time for that mad dash to the bathroom for the inevitable.”


Few things feel worse – physically – than vomiting, and few things are more disturbing than watching another person vomit. Vomit.



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