Rosacea caused by the feces and decomposing carcass of mites


Researchers have found that people who suffered from rosacea had higher rates of a facial mite than people who did not have rosacea, and thus were exposed to more bacteria. When the mites die, the feces and decomposing bodies leak into surrounding skin tissues, triggering tissue degradation and inflammation.

Rosacea: Caused by Mite Poop in Your Facial Pores?:


“In truly disgusting news, rosacea — a fairly common acne-like condition characterized by red, inflamed skin — may be caused by tiny bugs living in the pores of your face, reports a researcher at National University of Ireland.

The little eight-legged mites called Demodex, which are related to spiders, are apparently drawn to the hair follicles of eyebrows and eyelashes and to the oily pores on your nose, forehead and cheeks. They feed on the oil, or sebum, in your skin, and according to an article in New Scientist, they crawl around your face at night to mate, then crawl back into your pores to lay eggs and die.”


A rosacea kissing booth will now be an even tougher sell.



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