Thief steals dog, leaves note for owners explaining why


A family in Michigan wants to find the person who took their dog.

Adriana Perez says someone took her Husky, Aspen, from her family’s yard.

Not only did the thief take the dog, but they also left a note explaining why. Perez says the dognapper said she was abusing Aspen by leaving him in a house in the backyard.

The note said dogs are pack animals that need to be around other dogs and humans, that dogs get lonely in a pen.

“To leave a letter, it was a slap in the face,” she said and then read from the letter, “I wanted to write to you and explain to you why we took your dog. Sincerely, someone who loves all dogs.”

Perez says county animal control officials had been by to check on Aspen over the course of two years but didn’t find any neglect or abuse.

There are ways to get dogs the protection they deserve, stealing is not one of them.






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