English Bulldog

Underage woman goes on drunken tirade, bites English Bulldog


A 19-year old woman recently went on a drunken rampage, attacking her mother and the family’s 80-pound English Bulldog:


According to the Chicago Tribune, the dog suffered three bite marks on its back. According to the police who were called to the scene, puncture marks were visible against the dog’s white fur.

Garner has been charged with animal cruelty, domestic battery and underage drinking. She was released from the county jail on Monday after posting bail on $3,000 bond. She is due in court on May 23.

The teen didn’t come out unscathed from the dispute. “The bulldog finally did bite her back in self-defense,” Sgt. Mike Smith told the Chicago Tribune.


What kind of female dog bites a family pet? Thankfully the dog is ok and won’t be charged with any wrongdoing.






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