Why Bother With Marriage?

From many points of view, marriage is a costly hassle that makes no sense. Why, then, might there still be good reasons to get married?

Why Nice People Are Scary

When it comes to our love lives, it’s natural to think that we’d ideally want to get together with someone ‘nice’. But in reality, nice people can be a very frightening prospect.

Back To School Life Hacks

Life Hacks for going back to school 2016. How to make a Rainbow highlighter pen, fix your broken zip, and a pencil life hack!

Stephen Fry on God

Stephen Fry gives a brilliant answer when asked what he would say if he met God.

Hidden Valley Ranch Is a Real Place

In the 1950s, a man name Steven Henson (his name had previously been Ken) invented a creamy salad dressing at his ranch in California. He called it his ranch dressing. And that ranch? It was called Hidden Valley Ranch.