Why Stop Signs Are Red

Brainstuff explains the origins of the red, octagonal stop sign and some hints about why red might be the best color to use if you want to throw cold water on somebody’s need for speed.

Existential Crisis

People often speak of going through an ‘existential crisis’; but what do they really mean by the term? And when can it be useful to have it to hand?

Why the metric system matters

For the majority of recorded human history, units like the weight of a grain or the length of a hand weren’t exact and varied from place to place. Now, consistent measurements are such an integral part of our daily lives that it’s hard to appreciate…

Meet the enormous boats that carry your stuff

The largest container ship in the world launched earlier this month. It’s nearly the size of four football fields. Here’s how container ships got so huge and transformed the global economy.

The Last Carousel Craftsmen

There’s something about the pure joy of a carousel ride that leaves an impression on you. But these handcrafted pieces of kinetic art are becoming more rare.

The Truth About Satanism

Just the term “satanism” is controversial. But what’s actually going on with this counter-culture religion that values individualism and nonconformity?