Boosting Self-Esteem

To have sound levels of self-esteem is one of the gateways to happiness. But achieving this has very little to do with the progress of our careers.

The Nazi Super Cannon

WW2 saw the nations of the world investing massive amounts of manpower and money into the development of better ways to extinguish life in hopes of turning the tide of the war in their respective favors.

The Fishy Origins of Ketchup

Ketchup: it’s as American as baseball, July 4th and blues music. But have you ever wondered where it came from?

8 Clever Ways to Use Coconut Oil

There are over 1,500 studies proving coconut oil to be one of the healthiest foods available. The benefits and uses go beyond what most people realize.

Everything Wrong With Brave

For some reason, Disney mixed up their standard princess formula with Brother Bear, and shoved it in Pixar’s direction to force them to make a film. And what we got is… this.

Are All Mental Illnesses Related?

David Kessler, the former Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, argues that all mental health issues, including addiction, depression, and overeating, can be explained by “capture”—a process where focusing on selective stimuli results in adverse behaviors.

Why Commercial Airplanes Don’t Have Parachutes

Seatbelts and airbags in cars save passengers lives. Parachutes save people who, for a variety of reasons, exit a plane in mid-flight. So why aren’t parachutes provided to passengers on commercial airline flights, in case of emergencies?